Beer Festivals

Now you’re talking!

We are, in our humble opinion, the best putter-on-er of beer festivals in the country, barring CAMRA festivals – and we can rival some of them!

Beer festivals are part of our life blood, part of our raison d’etre. We have a rolling programme of beer festivals, most of which are quite stunning and some downright dis-believable!!

Usually, the beers are not all on sale at the same time; we simply don’t have the room. So we devote a number of our handpumps to beer festival beers over a period of time. That adds interest and brings people back again and again!

Festivals held during 2003 (not at all outlets):

Rarer North East Ales
Rarer Yorkshire Ales (including beers from 49 of the
52 independent breweries in production!)
Real ciders and perries
Oktoberfest (9 German draught lager biers)
World Beers (bottled beers from 52 countries!)
Battle of the Sunshine Beers (golden beers)
Seaside (beers brewed in seaside towns)
East Anglian
Organic (not just beer, but ciders, juices, wines & spirits)
East Midlands
West Yorkshire
Blow Up! (Bonfire Night special brews)
North East
Trafalgar Day
Rare ales

Festivals held so far in 2004:

Strong ales (all outlets)

Celtic Beer Festival (beers from 20 Scottish breweries +
Dwan from Ireland) (all outlets)

St Davids Day (1st March) – S.A.Brains – St Davids Ale
(all outlets)

St Patricks Day (17th March) – Carlow Brewery – full range
of beers from Ireland

St Georges Day (23rd April) – a selection of special brews from around Britain

Trains & Boats & Planes & Automobiles (27 May)

Lithuanian Beer and Vodka

Euro 2004 bottled beer festival

Really Rare North Western Ales (August)

Rare Yorkshire Ales (19 Aug. Huddersfield; 1st Sept. for the others)

Champion Beers of Britain 2004

Festivals held in 2005

Rabbie Burns

St. Patricks Day

Dublin & Cork

Yorkshire Ales (Huddersfield only)

War of the Roses (Yorkshire v. Lancashire)
(Cluny only)



at Huddersfield pub – we aim to get, during November 2005, as many of the beers receiving awards at the Great Gritish Beer Festival 2005, as possible. See ‘Huddersfield Beer Festivals’ page for details.

All our Newcastle pubs will also be having the Champion Beers in each category and the overall Chamion Beer of Britain – see their pages