Our artistic nature

We commission paintings from ARTHUR E. GILLS, a railway artist living in Newcastle upon Tyne, but coming from West Ham in London. All his paintings include the West Ham FC ‘hammers’ logo hidden in the painting! We have Arthur’s paintings in most of our outlets. He’s brilliant and will be famous one day!

Three of Arthur’s paintings depict steam trains going over Shap and we have produced 500 art-quality prints of each of these, signed and numbered by the artist, which we sell in all our outlets (see ‘other things we sell’). We have also produced prints of two of his paintings of Huddersfield and we sell those at Huddersfield.

We have commissioned paintings from PAUL HARVEY of Newcastle upon Tyne. He is a ‘Stukist’ painter and produces much sought-after art. We have his paintings in our 2 Newcastle pubs.

We commissioned top British cartoonist BILL TIDY to produce a cartoon about our Huddersfield outlet and a series of 10 cartoons on a jokey railway theme. We had a set of 50 prints of each of these produced, signed and numbered by the artist, which we sell in our outlets.

We sell prints by Liverpool artist CHARLIE FRASER in Liverpool.

We sell art deco crockery prints, produced by Halifax Antique Centre, in most of our outlets.

We also have exhibitions of items that we put together ourselves.