Railway Museum

At our outlets at London, Huddersfield and Liverpool, we have major displays of railway artefacts, mostly from the era of steam. These are not just minor pieces – they are major items, including many locomotive nameplates, cabside and smokebox number plates, posters, totems, targets etc etc. These have been built up over a number of years and form superb displays that are quite mind-boggling. People travel incredible distances to see them.

The most important items on display are listed under the respective outlet.

We also have on display in these outlets live steam 5 inch gauge model locomotives and carriages – up to 6 feet long. Fantastic display items. At our Newcastle Cluny outlet, we have another live steam locomotive with 3 carriages – total length about 15 feet. It’s the business!

We change items round from time to time, sell items and buy new ones, to add interest for our customers.

It simply is not possible to get bored at THE HEAD OF STEAM!