Take home drinks

Maybe it is because of the real ale off-licence and outside catering aspects of our business going way back, but we believe it is part of our function to satisfy our customers’ needs when they are at home watching the television, or having a party, or being out at the cricket! The drinks take home function that pubs used to have, has largely been handed over to off licences and, increasingly, super-markets. But we believe that people want to drink away from the pub, the same things they drink in the pub. We are set up to fulfil that.

Our outlets offer a full take away and party service. Anything we sell is available to take out. We have free 4 and 8 pint containers to take out any draught beer, lager or cider. For parties, we supply these products in 36 pint plastic polypins, 72 and 144 (usually) pint casks, with the equipment to use them on free loan. It’s easy to do.

The deal may change, but we currently give a 33% discount off pump prices for bulk drinks taken out like this. This is the ideal thing for Summer parties on the lawn, Christmas parties, birthday parties, office parties – infact, ANY kind of party or get-together!

STOP PRESS ! We are now experimenting with a new kind of hard plastic beer cask for take home. It holds 36 pints, like a polypin, and is technically called a ‘pin’ – a regular cask size in olden days. This will replace 36 pint polypins when we run out of stock. The new casks look great and will be much more attractive for the Christmas party, summer party, birthday party or whatever. Have a look at them in the pubs. We will charge a £25 deposit, fully-refundable, rather than charging £8 for you to buy a polypin, which cannot be returned.

No one else offers this service, to our knowledge!

We will still continue to offer 18 pint polypins.

We can also sell cases of beers, lagers and wines by the case at discount and can, in most instances, provide a sale-or-return facility, which could save you wasting money.

We can provide virtually any real ale you like, but some will need a longer ordering time than the ones we have regularly available. We can also get a wide range of ciders to buy by the polybarrel
(40 pints) if you do not want our regular types.