Welcome to The Head of Steam Website

Our company operates 5 of the most individual pub / restaurant / entertainment venues in Britain. They are totally different to your average pub or restaurant, for lots of reasons. It helps that we are a family firm and completely free of brewers’ ties or any other ‘big company’ restrictions. We respond fast to changes and give our customers what they want!

We have outlets in Liverpool, Huddersfield and Newcastle upon Tyne. So, if you are up north, you are never TOO far away from THE HEAD OF STEAM! (We had an outlet at Euston station, London until August 2005, when we sold it to Fullers.)

There is always something exciting happening at
THE HEAD OF STEAM and you can find all the details on this site.

To the left is a summary of the areas of ‘activity’ that make us different – and better! – than the rest. At each activity, you can click onto each outlet and find out more detail about that activity at that outlet. Alternatively, if you want to go straight to one of the outlets’ section of the site, click on the link on the right.

So, settle down and dig in, to find out what THE HEAD OF STEAM is all about and why we have such a fantastic reputation, nation-wide ….